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The Next Big Thing in Salsa Music Concept

Salsa Music

Salsa music is a lively Latin American music genre that has captivated audiences worldwide. Many think salsa is just fast music, but salsa also incorporates other sounds such as drums and percussion. Salsa is a form of expression that uses rhythm, percussion and seamless melodies to create a rich and dynamic sound. The word salsa comes from the Spanish word for sausage- a reference to the rapid dance movements in which the dancers engaged. Salsa music evolved from Cuban jazz, which was heavily influenced by the American big band era. Over time, musicians incorporated other musical styles into their compositions, resulting in modern salsa.

Salsa music is an eclectic fusion of various genres such as mambo, cha, tango and bolero. The most popular component of modern salsa is the cumbia rhythm, which originated in Colombia and Venezuela. Other common rhythms include conga, bongo and bomba. In addition to traditional instruments such as trumpets, trombones, saxophones and clarinets, salsa bands now have a wide range of sounds and styles to appeal to all audiences. Salsa dancing involves moving your body in intricate patterns to the rhythmic music while holding your partner’s arm with one hand and using your other hand for percussion. This type of dance is often performed at parties or social events where people socialize over good food and great music.

Around the globe, salsa dancing has become one of the most popular forms of group exercise. In addition to salsa dancing classes, many colleges now have separate dance teams for men and women. In fact, the University of Texas even has a mascot for its dance team- the joggling guajiro! Outside of schools, there are also salsa dance classes that are specifically tailored for adults with no dance experience. These classes teach proper footwork and timing for dancing while incorporating percussion beats with the rhythmic melodies of salsa music. Salsa dancing – both professional and recreational – is so popular that it’s sometimes referred to as ‘salsaism’ or ‘salsism.

Salsa music captivates audiences with its rich blend of other genres, dancing styles and vibrant emotions. Global dancing trends have led to increased popularity of salsa dancing as well as the development of new forms of salsa music. Fusing different styles and genres creates something fresh that everyone can enjoy. Until next time!


Author: Manuel Kiala



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