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What it is Advertising?

Advertising is the attempt to influence the buying behaviour of customers or clients with a persuasive selling message about products or services. In business, the goal of advertising is to attract new customers defining the target market and reaching out to them with an effective ad campaign.

Message intended to increase brand awareness or change consumer perception. Advertising is inserted for a fee in five different media: Internet, press, cinema, radio and television.

Non-media advertising includes direct marketing, e-mailing, display, street marketing and point-of-sale advertising.

It stands out from the editorial content of these media. Internet advertising, particularly through native ads and retargeting, challenges the distinction between direct marketing and media advertising. Brand content, increasingly used by brands, is a form of indirect advertising in the media.

The brand offers editorial content with no apparent link to it in order to arouse the interest of consumers. Communication technique the objective of which is to modify the attitude or behaviours of consumers towards a product. It is then said that it seeks to “attract” the consumer to the product.

Editorial advertising

communication using an editorial space in the media (press, television, posters, radio, internet). Any activity consisting of organising an event or creating information about a product or a business entity falls into this category.

Contextual advertising

In contextual advertising, the content of the site or page of a site decides which advertising will be offered. In a female site, an advertisement for women will be displayed and in the astrology section of the same site an advertisement for a paid site. astrology will be broadcast.

Online advertising

All the advertising communication actions carried out on the Web. There are generally two main families of actions. “Display” advertising, which consists of inserting messages, banners, buttons, advertising communication films for an advertiser… on websites.

And “search” advertising, which is based on hyperlinks leading to the advertiser’s site, and which will be offered to the Internet user on the occasion of a request made using an engine of research.

Interactive advertising

Audiovisual advertising message that allows the viewer to intervene during its broadcast. Using a remote control, a computer or a simple telephone, he can react to the content and form of the message to which he is exposed.

It requires the communication consulting agency to produce a large number of sequences, in order to allow a wide range of combinations to the viewer, who can then personalise the message in which he “participates” as he pleases.

It requires broadcasting on a cable network to allow direct interactivity, as well as a strong involvement of the viewer.

Ad exchange

Anglo-Saxon expression used to designate an automated electronic platform for the online sale of advertising space. Access to this advertising marketplace is usually paid for.

Buyers advertising agencies, media agencies or advertisers directly and sellers support, websites or advertising agencies have computer tools enabling them to compare supply and demand, generally using the auction mechanism conducted in real time.

The sellers offer all or part of their inventory and provide the most precise description possible. They can thus reach – without prohibitive prospecting cost – multiple potential advertisers principle of the long tail.

Potential buyers benefit from a centralisation of a larger or smaller part of the offer, and bid according to their needs, their communication objectives and the prices offered.

It is important that the referencing of the possible media usually websites is efficient, so that the brand’s communication does not end up on unwanted pages and  not compatible with its image or its communication objective.

A distinction is made between DSP demand side platform, demand side optimisation platforms, in other words potential buyers, and seller side platform, supply side optimisation platforms, in other words sellers of advertising space.

Push marketing

Marketing device which consists, for an advertiser, in proactively pushing an advertising message to an individual without the latter having expressed the need for it.

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